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Published 22 September 2014

« Truth and Justice for true reconciliation and lasting peace in Burundi "

"Truth and Justice for true reconciliation and lasting peace in Burundi"

Vision of the International Collective

All victims of genocide Hutu 1972 (before & after) have covered their dignity as a human person and their memory restored following actions survivors to fully inform the international community so that the Genocide against the Hutu in Burundi is recognized and at least one guilty of the crimes has been brought to justice

{{}} Mission Collective

{{}} Bringing together all the survivors and all people who believe they have been victims of the same genocide in 1972 whether before or after, to restore a sense of justice for all those innocents who died under this genocide

Take concerted and coordinated actions
can help honor the dignity and memory of the innocent dead.

{{}} Breaking the silence on abuse incurred by informing the international community about the veracity of the genocide of Hutus in Burundi in 1972

{{}} Demand Justice asking organizations and loving people the ideals of peace and justice to support us and help convince the international community to recognize the crimes of genocide in Burundi since 1972 and do all that at least one guilty crimes be brought to justice


1 Translate to justice at least one charge of genocide Hutu before or after 1972

Collect 2 {{}} $ 200,000 to build a memorial for all the victims of genocide Hutu

3 Write a petition and have it signed by 5,000 names Survivors & Victims

4 Commemorate the 43rd anniversary in New York on 1-2 May 2015

5 Taking pictures of mass graves to exhibit at the United Nations in New York in May 2015

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