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Published 30 April 2015

Press release on Burundi Hutu genocide in 1972

Entire conference agenda

Ladies And Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Committee (the United States) Preparation of the Second International Conference of the Collective of Survivors and Victims of Genocide against the Hutu in Burundi before, during and after 1972, we have the honor to transmit herewith the agenda final activities planned during this Conference.
For your convenience, we also present you below the names of resource persons who actively participated in various preparatory activities and will be available when needed:

- Julie Nsazurwimo: Accommodation and hotel business
- Ms. Manirakiza Home and Registration
- Mr. Ndikumana Method, Public Relations, Communication and Interpretation
- Mr. Leopold Maboko, Transportation and Orientation
- Dr. Jean Marie Mujakazi, Mobilization and Home
- Dr. Levi Rukundo, coordination and supervision of all activities

Important Information:

1) All the activities of this conference will be broadcast live on the internet. Please contact the coordination about it.
2) DVDs and pictures of all the activities will be available for distribution at low cost.
3) For guidance and leadership needs, please call Mr. Maboko at number
4) For details, please consult your website:

We take this opportunity to extend a warm welcome and an excellent stay in the great city of New York in the USA.

For the Preparation Committee
Rukundo Levi

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