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Par : rwenyuza
Publié : 1er avril 2015

Les Choses avancent !

[rouge]Une organisation de Juristes de New York & du Canada trouve une place pour notre conférence à New York[/rouge]

Dans une place très prestigieuse & très symbolique

« The Adam Clayton Powell state office building”

Adam Clayton Powell, was the first black congressman from New York,

Ironically, he also died April 1972.

Aho bigeze ?

Abagira neza baturonkeye ikibanza muri ONU

Soyez parmi les premiers à remettre votre $100 de contribution pour Briser le Silence sur le Génocide Hutu

Fasha guterera uko ushoboye

1. Noms de victimes : Rungika amazina y’abanyu bishwe mu 1972, na za témoignages zibara ingene batwawe/ bishwe canke batawe mu bipfuriro/imyobo

2. Pétition des Survivants : Sinya Petition yo gusaba kwemeza Genocide yagiriwe Abahutu mu 1972

3. Votre contribution : Tanga intererano isabwe ($100) yo kumara urwo rubanza nyamukuru ruzodushikana ku biro vy’Inama Mpuzamakungu ONU.

4. Votre présence à New York : Tumenyeshe kare ko uri mu bazoseruka I New York mu kwa gatanu 2015

Bibwire abiwanyu I Burundi

[vert]Vendredi 01 Mai 2015 :[/vert]

Rassemblement & Conférence de Presse au Siège des Nations Unies

[vert]Samedi 02 Mai 2015 :[/vert]

2eme Conférence Internationale sur le génocide Hutu de 1972


[rouge]Breaking silence & Uncovering the 1972 hidden Hutu genocide in Burundi[/rouge]


Where UN and International Justice Community failed to

end granted impunity and achieve Peace and Reconciliation


Friday, May 01 2014 : Press conference at the UN facilities

Saturday 02 2014 : International Conference on the 1972 Hutu Genocide

About the Event and organizers :

The Collective of Survivors and Victims of the 1972 Hutu Genocide with the sponsorship of IADL announces the organization of the Second international conference on East Africa’s first documented genocide, committed in silence and without prosecution or punishment : the 1972 Burundi Hutu genocide. The conference is expected to take place in New York/ USA on Saturday May 2nd 2015 from 9am to 9PM one day after a Press Conference to be held in the UN facilities on Friday may 01 2015 in the afternoon (2 PM).

The 1972 Burundi Hutu genocide :

In the spring and summer of 1972, the Michel Micombero regime arrested and executed more than 300 000 men and women whose only crime was being of the Hutu ethnic group. Thousands of individuals still lie forgotten in over 500 mass graves to this day. Some of these mass graves were deliberately hidden beneath the construction of public infrastructure, such the Bujumbura International Airport, the Regional Institute of Agronomy and Zoo-technique (IRAZ) in Gitega, The central prison of Bururi, the military camp buildings of Mabanda in the Makamba province etc. There are now thousands of survivors and victims who eventually found a new home in USA, Canada, Europe and Australia.


(CVR)Burundi Truth and Reconciliation Commission as background :

As people who suffered in loosing over 300 000 loved ones, members of Collective are organizing this Conference and Press Conference to support the establishment of a strong and impartial Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Burundi and to request the UN and International Justice Community to speed up effort to empower this Commission so that it can achieve its mandate to tell the Truth on the 1972 Hutu genocide. It is their belief that sustainable peace in Burundi can be achieved only through a combination of Truth and Reconciliation with Justice.

Frederic Nzeyimana

Collectif des Survivants et Victimes du Génocide Hutu avant et apres 1972 au Burundi

Tel. (416) 386-1866
Cell. (416) 838 6671

Courriel : info genocidehutu1972.org

www :genocidehutu1972.org


Nous sommes un Collectif de tous les Burundais (es) Survivants ou Victimes du génocide des Hutu avant et apres 1972 Hutu par les défenseurs du pouvoir discriminatoire Tutsi avant et apres 1972 au Burundi. Nous travaillons ensemble pour contribuer aux activités de réhabilitation de la dignité de toutes victimes innocentes du génocide. Nous ne racontons pas des histoires. Nous n’inventons rien. Nous témoignons. Sur ce que nous avons vu et vécu. Dans notre chair. Nous soignons nos blessures. Des blessures vieilles de plusieurs années. Afin que justice soit faite. Et que des responsables soient punis un jour. Afin que les peines supportées par toutes les victimes ne soient jamais oubliées.

The Adam Clayton Powell, Jr. State Office Building, named in honor of the first black congressman from New York, is located in the heart of Harlem in New York City. The facility is a nineteen story high-rise office building located on 125th street and stands as the tallest building in Harlem. This state-owned facility also plays a central role in the community and acts as the center for many public and private events and activities, including meetings, charitable events, health screening clinics, and numerous other outreach events. Inside is a 3,500 square foot art gallery that displays changing exhibits by local artists and school groups. In addition, each summer, a series of free concerts is held on the outdoor plaza.

Ironically, he also died April 1972. What a coincident !!!!

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