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LE PLAN (Selon Mr. Artemon Simbananiye)

Conspiracy plan by a Minister of the Micombero government to recruit Congolese Mai-Mulele rebels to attack targeted Tutsi families in order to accuse Hutu.


Social worker and nurse, Celine Cossette stayed in Burundi between 1968 and 1970 and from July 1971 to July 1972. In this free opinion piece, she comments on the genocide practiced against the Hutu and the silence of public opinion

It's hard to explain in words what the misfortune of an ethnic group was. In an age when we talk about freedom, justice, and peace in a country that has signed the UN Charter, we experienced the climax of barbarism (...)

"According to our sources, the killing would have been 200,000 deaths and constitutes the horrible culmination of a plan devised by Colonel Micombero's Minister, Mr. Artemon Simbananiye, found at every stage of repression against the Hutus. A " diabolical plan ", masterminded in July 1967, to bring the two ethnic groups (Tutsis 15% and Hutus 85%) to equality."

Here are a few explanatory lines on the spirit of this plan:

- Willingness to sacrifice some Tutsi members to trigger a Hutu genocide. Ensure that foreigners do not find out the action plan.

- Suppress all who might reveal the reality: Ministers, Priests, students, civil servants, traders ... etc., anyone open enough to cause harm to Tutsis.

- Inform the public, intoxicate, soak the aberrant opinion, indoctrinate ... make it totally blind.

- Never make arrests at the same time: take small groups, allow some rest to give the impression that calm has returned and that peace is found.

- Continue to function normally in the country: teaching must continue the public work (constructions of roads etc.) farming, crops should continue normally. Bereaved families should show neither discontent nor sadness.

- Create martial courts in Bujumbura, Gitega, Ngozi and Bururi, pretend to judge the accused and profit from the curfew and night to shoot them and throw them in mass graves.

- Organize the masses to massacre theirs. In the scale of the massacres, throw dust in their eyes, put in jail or kill some of them, supposedly to quell those involved to arrest and kill the innocents.
. (Le Devoir, Tuesday October 3rd 1972)

Hutu never attacked Tutsi in Rumonge region. Mai-Mulele rebels from Congo did.

One Tutsi witness testifies on a meeting held on April 20th 1972, between his father, M. Simbananiye Arthemon, Officer Albert Shibura and chief of the SCRB. On the agenda was a plan to cross to Congo to recruit rebels Mai-Mai to attack a few targeted Tutsi families in order to accuse Hutus. It is those Mai-Mulele from Congo who attacked and killed the targeted Tutsi families in the Rumonge area. Hutu were then accused and convicted of this killing, therefore the army was called to kill Hutus around the entire national territory (see Salvator Kagimbi testimony).